Thirsties Hemp Insert, 2 pack

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Veronique B.
These are great!

I bought these inserts to prevent leaks at night. I use them in combination with a prefold and they hold everything in for 12 hours. My 8 mont old child is a heavy wetter and I have not had any leaks so far. They are extremely absorbent and thinner than other inserts I have been using. I will definetely purchase more of these for day use so that my little one's diapers are less bulky.
The only downside: They do take longer to dry than microfibre inserts.
I do give this product 5 stars because I have peace of mind at night.

Leeanne Lachance
Love these!

I bought these for a nighttime solution for my son (he's 3 months old). I had been using CBI's wrapped in 1/2 a FST, but they weren't enough. I'm now using these with a microfibre insert and they have been holding up really well. Where I used to have to change him every 4 hours at night, I now can go at least every 6 hours without a leak (I haven't tried any longer than that yet). I'm really impressed on how much they hold! I will definitely get more of these.

Stacy Lanteigne

Great product! These inserts really hold a lot. I definately re commend them!

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