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Tanya Young

We use a few different brands and these are one of our favourites and our go to for when we know it'll be longer between changes. They'll fit for a long time too as we're only on the first rise at 1. And he's been wearing them since about 2 months old.

Natasha K
Best AIO/Diaper

I recently purchased two of theses for a friends baby show as they are my absolute favourite diaper! I have 12 in my stash and wish I had more. They are my go to for car rides and naps. At night I use these with a stay-dry duo insert. Though he’s slept all night without an added insert as well. the most absorbent diaper I’ve found. Never leaks

Erin Quilty
Great diaper

This is a really easy to use diaper for first time cloth diapering. It fits nicely and does not leak, made well. Would recommend.

My favourite Diaper

I absolutely love Thirsties Natural AIOs. I own a good size lot of them. When I first tried them I wasn't sure howd they work as they are not a cheap diaper. After a good prep, they are the best! Last 3 hours easily during the day, they last 12hrs at night for my 5 month old or 12 hrs on my 2.5year old paired with a Amp hemp booster under the already sewn in inserts. I do reccomend a fleece liner since unlock pockets there is nothing between the bum and inserts to help wick away moisture.

I'd reccomend these to everyone!

Big fan.

Adjusts well for smaller babies.
No leaks.

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