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Type: Daytona
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Janine Madsen
Wasn't sure what to expect

I was very hesitant buying the shampoo and conditioner as I was skeptical of them doing the job as "regular shampoo and conditioner", but want to try to do our part for the environment, so thought, Why not? Wow!! They are awesome! You hardly need any water and the shampoo does its thing, and the conditioner is the same. With the little amount that is needed, these will last us a long time! Plus Daytona smells Sooo good!

Alishia Chamney
A waste free and wonderful wash

I am in LOVE with the unwrapped life shampoo bar. It lathers super well and you only need to run it through your hair a little bit so it lasts forever! The aspen scent is perfect for me as I don’t like strong smells!

Shampoo and conditioner bars 5 stars!!!

I absolutely love these I have long thick hair I got close to 50 washes and have conditioner left that never happens. Hair feels awesome I really cannot say enough good things. Thank you for this great product.

In Love!

I purchased the unwrapped life Daytona shampoo and conditioner bars and I'm so impressed with their performance! My hair feels so clean and I find I can go longer between washes. I haven't noticed any residue left after rinsing and the bars smell so good! Will definitely be purchasing again :)

Soft Bristles

A good toothbrush. I've only had it for a couple weeks, but it works just fine! I didn't realize the bristles would be so soft, so I'd rather a brush with a bit harder bristles. Otherwise, it's fine.

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