Boxing Week SALE starts soon!

Boxing Week SALE Dec 26-Jan 1


What's on sale?!

Cloth Diapers

10% off Blueberry, Geffen Baby, Thirsties, Rumparooz - Kanga Care, Spray Pal
15-40% off AppleCheeks (25-40% off exclusive colours Just Peachy, Sailor Blue Too, Periwinkle, & Believe!)
15% off AMP Diapers, Smart Bottoms, Bummis, Nuggles, The Laundry Tarts

Diaper Bags & Accessories

20-50% off Ju-Ju-Be (some exclusions apply)


10% off Wallaby 2.0 Coats
15% off Belly Bedaine Babywearing Sweaters, Little Frog, Fidella, Huggaloops, Chimparoo, Wrapsody, Sewfunky Ring Slings, Cuddly Wrap, Twingaroo, Kokoala Coat Extenders, MakeMyBellyFit, LennyLamb Sweaters

20% off Tula exclusive To The Moon & Back

25% off Didymos, LILLEbaby
30% off Kinderpacks, Beco
Up to 30% off select LennyLamb Carriers
15-40% Boba

40% off Tekhni Woven Wraps

Zero Waste

10% off Marley’s Monsters, Stojo, EcoCoconut, Choomee, No Tox Life

10-25% off Mason Jar Lids
15% off Re-Play, Abeego, KLIIN, Colibri, Yumbox, Bentgo, Lunchbots, OmieBox, Thinksport lunch containers, Life Without Waste Straws, Silikids Straws, Drink in the Box, To-Go-Ware, (re)zip, Stasher, Que Bottle, U Konserve, Buncha Farmers, Chico Bag, CoffeeSock, Skoy Cloths & Scrubs, Brush With Bamboo, The Future is Bamboo, Nelson’s Naturals, Davids Toothpaste, Flosspot, WooBamboo, Oko Creations, Diva Cup, Tree Hugger Cloth Pads, Unwrapped Life Shampoo, Conditioner & Vegan Soap Bars, Elate Cosmetics
40% JOCO Glass Cups, S’well Bottles, Sip by S'well, Clean Planetware Loofas, GreenPaxx straws, Bambu Straws, DabbaWalla  Lunch Bags, The Last Straw

Body Care 

15% off Les Produits de MaYa, Earth Mama Organics, Anointment, Dimpleskins, Piggy Paint, TruKid Bubble Podz, Unwrapped Life Shampoo, Conditioner & Vegan Soap Bars, Routine Deodorant, Nose Frida, Fat & The Moon
15-30% off Delish Naturals
15-40% Thinksport Sunscreen
40% off Meow Meow Tweet Soap Bars
50% off Goddess Garden Sunscreen

Maternity, Breastfeeding & Postpartum

10% off Marley’s Monsters Nursing Pads 
15% off SleepBelt, The Naked Tank, Bamboobies,
Oko Creations Nursing Pads, Earth Mama Teas
15-40% off Haakaa
25-40% off Momzelle Nursing and Maternity Apparel
40% BellyBedaine Infinity/Nursing Scarves 


10% off Grimms’s & Grapat Wooden Toys, Waytoplay Roads
15%-25% off BeginAgain Toys 
15% off PEPPA Bonding Dolls, Razbaby, Hevea

25% off The Munch Mitt, Whittle Wood, Wubbanub
40% off Pebble Rattles, PEPPA Waldorf Dolls 

Apparel & Accessories

10% BIBaDO
10-25% off Jack’s Mama Slippers
15% off Muddy Buddy, iPlay Hats, Go Baby Go, Sewfunky Bonnets, Bandana Bibs, Healing Amber, Stonzwear, My Little Star Onesie Extenders, Roshambo Sunglasses, Petit Tot Headbands,  
20% off BabyLegs, Ellavee by Huggaloops Leggings

25% off Belly Bedaine Apparel

Winter Gear

10% off Bumby Wool Balaclavas, Wallaby 2.0 Coat
15% off Baby Parka, Stonzwear, Premier Stroller Skis, Sherpa Wigwam & Carrier Covers

Must Haves  

15% off Peapod Mats, Roshambo Sunglasses, Baby Banz Noise Cancelling Earmuffs, Lunch Punch, Hevea
15-40% off Lulujo Blankets
40% off Mini Chic Teething Necklaces, Best Bottom Swaddle Blankets, ErgoPouch Sleep Sacs

Yoga Essentials

40% off Manduka Yoga Mats & Accessories, Yoga Tune Up

PLUS be sure to check our clearance section!

20% off select Thirsties Duo Wraps

20-25% off all Sloomb Wool
40% off marQ Apparel
50% off Ollie Jones Apparel
30% off AppleCheeks Ring Slings & Doll Sings by Sewfunky
Up to 30% off select Tula Baby Carriers (while supplies last)
40% off Boba 4G

40% off select Thinksport Sunscreen
50% off Goddess Garden Sunscreen


*Cannot be applied to past orders. Some exclusions apply.*

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