Congratulations Jennie, our Spring 2019 'Mom, We See You' Winner!

Congratulations to Jennie Carr! She's the Spring 2019 recipient of Lil' Monkey Cheeks' "Mom, We See You!" Spotlight Prize! Jennie was nominated by her sister-in-law Brittany and is an incredible supermom to her children and superwife to her husband!

Here's what Brittany said about her sister-in-law:

"My sister-in-law Jennie is nothing short of a warrior. Over the past three years, she and my brother have been handed far more hardship than one family should have to endure. In March 2016, while six months pregnant with her second daughter, Jennie had a rare brain infection resulting in two brain surgeries and months of recovery. In 2017, her oldest daughter was diagnosed as celiac and, thanks to Jennie’s diligence and determination, she has come so far in repairing the damage to her growing body. In that same year, her youngest daughter was diagnosed with Duane Syndrome, a rare eye condition that continues to be monitored several times each year. As if that weren’t enough, just three weeks ago on March 22, 2019, her husband, my brother, fell two storeys breaking his neck, his back, and several ribs. He spent days on life support, a week and a half in the Intensive Care Unit and has been left without any feeling or movement below mid chest level. Once out of hospital, he will continue care at a rehabilitation centre for several months. Through all of this, Jennie continues to be strong for my brother and their girls. She is an amazing mother, wife, and friend and I am truly in awe of her strength, determination, and grace. She could certainly benefit knowing that Mom, we see you."

Congratulations Jennie! We see all you do and you're rocking motherhood!

Know an amazing mom that deserves to be recognized? You can nominate a special mom you know for our Summer 2019 "Mom, We See You!" Spotlight.

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