Congratulations to our 'Mom, We See You!' Winter 2019 winner, Tabatha!

*****Winter 2019 'Mom, We See You!' Winner*****

Congratulations to Tabatha Foster! She's the Winter 2019 recipient of Lil' Monkey Cheeks' "Mom, We See You!" Spotlight Prize! Tabatha was nominated by her daughter Shelby and is an incredible supermom to her children and her community!


Here's what Shelby said about her mom:

"Basically I can only ever remember my mom being a super mom, not just the regular juggle the world kinda mom. My mom juggled the community!

She ran an in home daycare from the time I was 5 (she’s still currently doing this), so my life was basically a zoo. Different kids from the community and surrounding areas came and went. To this day there are many of them I continue to keep in touch with because we are more like a family. We lived close to our school so my mom used to trek a giant hill with a gaggle of kids in all kinds of weather, she planned parties and crafts and we spent our summers on a local beach with several other kids from the block. She never missed an event at our school, volunteered, and lent a helping hand where she could.

I was also a competitive dancer and she made sure that she was backstage helping myself and all the other dancers. She ran fundraisers and hosted meetings, helped with costumes, hair, and makeup. She never stopped. On top of Girl Guides, school sports, and whatever my sister had on the go that week.

At 51 years old she continues to watch children, help her community, and has even started her own wellness centre offering reiki, meditation, yoga, and other holistic treatments. Her arms and heart are open to anyone who needs her. I frequently refer to her as a supermom. She’s been a mom to whoever needed one for her entire life, well before she became a mom. I thank my lucky stars each day that my soul was fortunate enough to be paired with her's as my mother. I also dream of ways to make sure my own son receives a similar beautiful upbringing. Life isn’t always easy as a new mother, but if I am even half the woman and mother she is I will be top notch.

Please consider my mom, she never does anything for herself. Spends all her time and energy on others and a nice little surprise to show her just how special she is would really make her day. She’s one of the best! 😊❤️"

Congratulations Tabatha! We see all you do and you're rocking motherhood!

Know an amazing mom that deserves to be recognized? You can nominate a special mom you know for our Spring 2019 "Mom, We See You!" Spotlight.

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