Congratulations to our very FIRST 'Mom, We See You!' Fall 2018 winner, Clara!
Congratulations to Clara Carbonneau! She's the very first recipient of Lil' Monkey Cheeks' "Mom, We See You!" Spotlight Prize! Clara was nominated by her sister Katya and is an inspiring mom doing amazing things for her son!
Here's what Katya said about her sister:
"Clara is a single mom to my nephew, Leo, who’s turning 2 in November. She’s the sole provider and caretaker of her little boy. My sister has juggled with her mom duties and work as a night shift nurse for the past year, often having to miss work to take care of her boy, who’s had a very difficult year: a dozen colds, leading to a dozen otitis, leading to pneumonia, bronchitis, asthma episodes, and 3 consecutive hospital stays. He’s been on a wait-list to see various specialists for several months and has finally just recently gotten tubes in his ears. My sister has repeatedly applied for daytime jobs in hopes of a better schedule to accommodate her single-parent lifestyle and has faced numerous rejections. She just recently acquired a desired daytime position as a nurse! Her life finally seems to be lightening up a bit, but her strength in adversity amazes me and is exactly what propels me to nominate her today. Time and time again she has fallen to her knees only to rise stronger. She’s still a young-24-year-old-single-parent, and a pretty amazing one too!
Ma soeur, tu es inspirante, déterminée et ambitieuse. Ta force de caractère égale ta générosité. Tu es une maman fabuleuse! You rock! Je t’aime!"
Congratulations Clara! We see all you do and you're rocking motherhood!
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