Mom, We See You!

Hi Everyone!

For those of you who don't know me, my name is Renee Rufino and I'm the proud owner of Lil' Monkey Cheeks. I started this business pretty much the same time I became a mother. Before having children I always heard just how much parents love their children, and I'm sure you did too. Even though we have these super complex brains wrapped in all the feels, we could never imagine just how much love we'd have for our kids and what we'd be prepared to sacrifice for them.
There are so many ways to describe mothers but "the glue that holds the family together" resonates so deeply with me. Bear with me and let me try to explain! :) Think of an object, perhaps like a wooden chair you sit on for dinner everyday. It keeps you steady, gives you comfort, and lets you enjoy many moments with the people you love. You might even have a favourite chair that you like to sit on. Have you ever stopped to think about what was holding it together that allowed for all of the magic to happen? It's so easy to not see Mom in her greatness everyday and to miss recognizing all the little and big things she does. Still with me? Now let me explain what we are going to do through our special campaign "Mom, We See You"!
1. Every quarter we want you to share a story about a special mom you know. Tell us why you are recognizing her and share just a little bit of her magic with us.
2. We will select one of these moms to be featured on our social media and the "Mom, We See You" winner will receive a prize pack valued at $130 (there will also be a little something special for the person who nominated the winner)!
3. All submissions will be kept and considered for future selection but feel free to send new ones or update your previous submissions should you wish!

Submit your nominations for our "Mom, We See You" Spotlight at the following link: Only nominations submitted through this form will be considered. 

Submissions for the Fall 2019 "Mom, We See You" Spotlight will be accepted until Oct 15/19. The "Mom, We See You" winner will be announced on Oct 22/19.   Nominees must be Canadian or US residents.

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