Congratulations to our 'Mom We See You!' Fall 2020 winner, Heather!
Congratulations to Heather Roy! She is the Fall 2020 recipient of our 'Mom, We See You!' Spotlight prize. Heather was nominated by her friend Brynn, and is a mom who continues to raise awareness and bring hope after the loss of her eldest daughter.
Here is what Brynn said about her friend:
"Heather is one of the most amazing people I have ever met in my life. I learned very quickly just how creative, friendly, cheerful, generous, and supportive she is. She's always been a huge pillar in the community and forms relationships like very few people I have ever met. Two years ago, her oldest daughter Evelyn was diagnosed with stage 4 neuroblastoma cancer, and for most people that's a diagnosis that cripples, but I have seen this mama rise up and fight. She not only supported and took care of Evelyn, her younger daughter, and her husband, but she became a huge advocate for cancer awareness and fundraising. She has gotten involved with local small businesses, local cancer fundraising organizations, and through her fundraising efforts for her own family, she still gave 50% of the profits back to the Children's Hospital. I have never seen anybody rise up in such a moment of distress to give back to the community. Her advocacy efforts are constant.
Sadly, her daughter Evelyn passed away in February of this year, which was a huge loss for all those who knew and loved her. We miss Evelyn every single day. However, this has not changed the way that this family and this mama continue to impact the community. In honour of what would have been Evelyn's 12th birthday, she organized a fundraiser that brought $82,000 and change to the Children's Hospital. She continues to run toy drives for the Tom Baker Cancer Centre in Calgary where kids with cancer go for radiation treatment, to bring some sense of joy to the suffering. She is so real and honest about her grief and sadness, and somehow manages to keep advocating so that one day there will be better treatments for kids with cancer. I am proud to know someone like her, and her work for our children and for our community continues to inspire me. This mama is not just special, she is extraordinary. To our dearest Evelyn, your mama lives every day to make you proud of her."
Congratulations Heather, We see you <3

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