Congratulations to our 'Mom, We See You!' Summer 2020 winner, Lindsay!
Congratulations to Lindsay Taylor! She is the Summer 2020 recipient of our 'Mom, We See You!' Spotlight prize! Lindsay was nominated by her friend Caitlin, and is a great example of a mom who is rocking every challenge motherhood throws her way!
Here is what Caitlin said about her friend:
"I have known Lindsay almost my entire life, and when I think of a 'Super Mom' she is the first person that comes to my mind. Lindsay's three children, Kate, Julie, and Leo are her entire world. Lindsay began motherhood as the mother to her two dogs, three cats and one 15 year old foster cat. Then along came Kate. Lindsay transitioned effortlessly into the role of mother. She incorporated Kate into her life and never let it slow her down. Her and Ian's hikes and camping trips grew by 1. When Kate was 20 months old, Lindsay welcomed twins, Julie and Leo. Their family grew to include five humans, two dogs and three cats. When I think of how to describe her, breastfeeding, baby wearing, cloth diapering, and Super Mom come to mind. Lindsay exclusively breastfed all of her children, including her twins, and is an advocate and support for any new moms that may want to breastfeed but are struggling. When Julie and Leo were ten weeks old, Lindsay trusted her instincts that something was not right and sought answers. They both had lip/tongue ties that had been missed earlier on. Her and her husband, Ian, then flew to Ottawa to have it corrected. No easy task with ten week old twins! Lindsay and her husband regularly hike with their dogs, and three kids, often baby wearing in Tula or Ospry carriers. During the summer months they spend time as a family camping in a tent, and they wouldn't have it any other way. Her social media is full of pictures of her family, human and animal, and it is difficult to find a picture of them not enjoying the outdoors in every season. This may seem like any regular backstory of any mom, but Lindsay is truly inspirational. Lindsay's husband works at sea, and is gone for extended periods of time. She cares for all three babies, five animals, and manages the household by herself. She also works full time and commutes for her job, which is in a predominately male dominated field. Every spare moment she has is spent with her kids, instilling in them an appreciation for nature, kindness, and compassion. Most days I don't know how she does it - the commute, her job, family time, cooking, cleaning, and prepping for the next day finished by a book with the odd beer or glass of wine after a run on the treadmill to complete the day. You may think her life is crazy, but she wouldn't want it any other way. She truly loves being a mother and is the first person to give you a pep talk and lift you up when the mom guilt gets the better of you. I'm the mom I am today because she helped me along the way."
Congratulations Lindsay! We see all you do and you're rocking motherhood!
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